SoMikeSaid is the funny speechwriter in the next cubicle

I work from home. I love it, because I can get about 20 times more writing done here than in an office, where someone dumb is always hanging over your cubicle wall wanting to tell you all about what happened on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

But the downside of working at home—or of being antisocial at work—is that you miss the funny dude who occasionally cracks wise in the next cubicle.

That’s how I use SoMikeSaid, a website where freelance speechwriter and speechwriting teacher and playwright (and onetime standup comic) Mike Long stays sane and helps keep me sane by publically expressing his insanity.

“I lose a lot of work because I insist on being paid with a giant check,” he wrote the other day. “That wouldn’t be as big of a deal if I didn’t also insist on a professional photographer, but this is my way.”

Mike Long: You want him on that cubicle wall.

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