One Refreshing Conversation

Give your team the gift of a communication book talk, with David Murray, author of "An Effort to Understand."

If you’re anything like the communication execs I’ve been talking to—after this last exhausting and disorienting year, your team needs more than a pep talk. It needs a renewed sense of purpose—the deeper, the better. 

As you may know, David Murray has written an important book that applies the wisdom he has gathered in a career surrounded by communicators to the problems of our time, from the political to the corporate to the personal: An Effort to Understand: Hearing One Another (and Ourselves) in a Nation Cracked in Half

We invite you to get a copy into your colleagues’ hands. Maybe pick a few essays for them to read, together. And let’s bring them into conversation with David Murray himself. 

For the price of few books and a modest honorarium, David will bring your staff together within his huge vision of communication as calling and not a job—and his contagious joy and endless energy for this subject.

• Leadership communication now.

• Communication with colleagues now.

• The great mission that all communicators share in common.

During a one-hour Zoom conversation between you and your team and David, your colleagues will be reminded of the highest purpose of their work, bonded by a common experience with this beloved master communicator and inspired to give their minds and souls to the important work that lies ahead.
Where David has given book talks, the reviews have been raves. “Thank you so much for the discussion today and for being a highlight of our Development Day,” said Lisa Gilbin, VMWare’s Senior Director of Global Employee Engagement and Executive Communications. “The entire team really enjoyed the session—they referenced several of your comments throughout the day!” To get a sense of David’s style, listen to this interview on Chicago Public Radio.
You and your team will bond over a conversation with David; and we’re sure David would be delighted to talk to you.
Get in touch with Pro Rhetoric’s Benjamine Knight for pricing, scheduling and any other questions you might have: [email protected].

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