On the cutting room floor at Vital Speeches International …

It’s not called Vital Sentences International, but if it were, these babies would have made, rather than missed, the cut for our April issue:

• “Believe in Nunavut, believe in yourselves.” That’s from the throne speech by the Honourable Edna Ekhivalak Elias, Commissioner of (you may have guessed) Nunavut.

• And then there was this first sentence from a February speech by India’s finance minister Pranab Mukherjee Gandhinagar: “Hon’ble Speaker Sir, I rise before this august House to present first Budget of second decade of 21st century and the last one of 11th Five Year Plan, in the backdrop of developmental strategy that our Government unveiled for the years 2001-10.”

What’s the most perversely enjoyable line you ever heard (or, God forbid, wrote) in a speech? Talk to us. —DM

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