New York Jets QB tries to preempt questions with speech

After an important loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez didn’t feel like answering questions, so at his mandatory press availability, he thought he’d give a speech that he hoped would “hit on everything” the reporters might want to know.

First play of the game, [I had an] early mistake.  It can’t happen.  It put our offense in a tough spot.  [It was] a great read.  J-Co [Jerricho Cotchery] runs an awesome route and it’s just a physical mistake and underthrown ball.  The best part about it, the mental side of it, I battled back all game. …

And on like that for a few minutes spewing clichés along the way. Of course the first question he got was: Why the speech?

The whole episode reminds us of Henry Kissinger, who supposedly once faced the press by asking, “Who’s got questions to my answers?”

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