“Let’s make conferences just like the Internet!”

On his personal blog, Writing Boots, Vital Speeches editor David Murray reacted strongly to communication consultant Denise Graveline’s suggestion that conference organizers need to liven up their conference formats in light of developments in social media. Murray’s conclusion (at the end of a long rant):

And as a conference organizer, I realize that one of the most important gifts I can give my attendees is a respite from the random. A conference, however overwhelming for those who are really interested in acquainting themselves with new people and ideas, is a comfort, because it’s here and now and us and nobody else.

To make conferences better, we ought to make them not more like a schizophrenic Twitter feed, but less.

And not less of an intimate, shared experience, but more of one.

Yes, one.

Read Murray’s diatribe and the debate that followed, and bring your speechwriterly perspective to bear, there or here: [email protected].

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