How to stop worrying whether you’ve lost your own voice: Use it!

Glynn Young wrote speeches from the mid-1970s to the mid 2000s. For 30 years he wondered if he had lost his own writing voice—or whether he’d ever had one in the first place. He needn’t have, as he recently wrote.

But the truth is, he shouldn’t have. He should have been writing, as he does today with poems and blog posts and books, his ass off.

He was busy with work, raising a family all of that. Yes, aren’t we all.

I write my personal blog every day—not because the world wants something from me every day beyond what I write for and various other magazines and newspapers—but because I need to hear myself think for myself every day. And writing is how I think.

I worry about a lot of things in this life. But losing my voice—maybe because it’s my single greatest fear—is not one of them.

Perhaps it’s different for you.

But how could it be?

Talk to me. —DM

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