Hillary Clinton speechwriter writes a tome of her own

"After years of writing in someone else's voice," says longtime Clinton scribe Lissa Muscatine, "I just felt absolutely compelled to write this book."

A tome of her own. “I promised myself long ago that I would never write a book of my own unless I had something to say,” longtime Hillary Clinton speechwriter and book collaborator Lissa Muscatine told The Washington Post.

She’ll be out soon with a memoir called Hillaryland, inspired by what Muscatine calls the “devastating” election of Donald Trump. “After years of writing in someone else’s voice, I just felt absolutely compelled to write this book,” she says.

Muscatine, who appeared at the 2015 PSA World Conference, hopes her book will offer “a window into Hillary’s world, and how that world is a mirror back on ourselves, our nation and our times.”

Penguin Press hasn’t offered a release date.

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