Great speeches? “Not a fan!”

"Jebediah Atkinson" pans the Gettysburg Address. And he doesn't stop there. Live, from New York ...

The Central Pennsylvania newspaper the Patriot-News printed a much-belated but full-throated retraction of an editorial that panned President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address as mere "silly remarks" deserving "a veil of oblivion":

In the fullness of time, we have come to a different conclusion. No mere utterance, then or now, could do justice to the soaring heights of language Mr. Lincoln reached that day. By today’s words alone, we cannot exalt, we cannot hallow, we cannot venerate this sacred text, for a grateful nation long ago came to view those words with reverence, without guidance from this chagrined member of the mainstream media.

But the writers at Saturday Night Live felt the original editorialist hadn't gone far enough. "Jebediah Atkinson" has a few more so-called "great" speeches on his critical hit list.

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