Google CEO Schmidt isn’t apologizing about Davos; but what IS he saying about it?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has a piece in the Huffington Post that methinks doth protest too much.

There’s this opening.

It’s easy to sneer at Davos as a place where the rich, powerful and famous come to talk to each other and arrogantly put the world to rights. But there has been little sign of arrogance at recent gatherings. Nor any settled view of how to overcome the challenges our world faces. If there is a global conspiracy underway at Davos, no one has yet let me in on the secret.

There’s this closing:

Yes, the world has critical challenges, especially in 2010, but I believe that in these Davos values lie our solutions. It’s this hope and optimism that will ensure I keep coming back as long as I am invited.

And, by my reckoning, there’s not much in between. Maybe I’m thick. Executive communicators, have a read and tell me if you know why Schmidt published this piece.

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