Foremost Forums This Month

Important events for proactive executive communicators to remember in November.

November invariably leads to thoughts of sumptuous feasts and counting our blessings. Appropriately, we are happy to share the following bounteous banquet of tasty conferences—with all the trimmings!

Foremost forums upcoming

BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) Conference (November 4 – 6; New York). Event focuses on innovative strategies for businesses to implement and maintain successful sustainable business practices, incorporating corporate social responsibility structures and management systems. Program examines the full range of CSR issues, including governance, ethics, accountability, work place practices, environmental sustainability, human rights, community investment, and global business conduct. 2014 theme: "Transparency and Transformation."

F.ounders (November 6 – 8; Dublin). Event is described as "Davos for Geeks," and aims to "reinforce Ireland's position as the Silicon Valley of Europe." Program addresses such topics as tackling global poverty; global money; and problems with the IPO market. Event immediately follows Web Summit in Dublin.

Net Impact Conference (November 6 – 8; Minneapolis). Event aspires "to discuss a vast array of innovative ideas that will create social and environmental value for our future." Representative topics include: Creating a "more-than-money" career; evolution of the sustainable business leader; past and future of sustainable supply chain management; how partnerships and passions can fuel sustainability initiatives; and fair trade in the era of social entrepreneurship. 2014 theme: "Breaking Boundaries."

BizTech@Wharton Conference (November 7; Philadelphia). Event aims to bring together business leaders and university students to examine current technological trends. Program focuses on how technical developments are impacting the way in which companies operate, especially in regards to the balance between business concerns and the need for technological innovation. Event also explores career opportunities in the technology industry.

SRI Conference (November 9 – 11; Colorado Springs). Event is self-described as "the largest and longest running conference for sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investors and investment professionals in North America." The program examines issues and challenges related to "directing the flow of investment capital to catalyze a shift to a more sustainable global economy." Representative topics include: Capitalizing on human capital – the S in ESG; positioning your brand as a socially conscious business; and America’s low carbon energy breakthrough opportunity.

Fast Company Innovation Uncensored (November 10 – 11; San Francisco). Event focuses on the "groundbreaking business solutions across every industry" that are regularly discussed in the company's magazine and on its website. Program aims to "give attendees live access to top business visionaries and the companies to watch," with many of the latter found on the Fast Company Most Innovative Companies List. Representative topics include: How big brands are investing in entrepreneurs; creative sources of innovation; and staying true to your creative vision in times of huge growth and success.

Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit/Asia (November 11; Hong Kong). Event is self-described as a "preeminent community of women leaders in business and beyond." Event brings together "Asia's most prominent women leaders in business" and focuses on "issues impacting businesses and careers in Asia." Representative topics include: Global investment strategies; Asia's strengths and weaknesses in technology and innovation; how the next generation will shape the region; and ways to improve financial markets in China and beyond.

Bloomberg Year Ahead Conference (November 13 – 14; Washington, DC). Event focuses on "the year ahead from the CEO's point of view” and is self-described as "the cornerstone of a Bloomberg-wide project that taps Bloomberg Industries analysts for a definitive deep dive into dozens of sectors.” Representative topics include: Rethinking the conglomerate; transition in leadership; disrupting global industries; and banking and mortgages.

• Economist Global Agenda (November 13 – 14; London). Event is self-described as "a private gathering in which business leaders, senior policymakers, and influential thinkers from economics and academia gather to consider the business and economic issues of the day." Representative topics include: The fate of global financial markets; India and China as agents for change; and the transfer of capital from energy-consuming to energy-producing countries.

Financial Times Innovate Summit (November 19 – 20; London). Event focuses on trends and developments in process and product innovation, global product development, and new business models for innovation. Event addresses such topics as instilling innovation values and practices within an organization; the skill sets and tools required for a successful chief innovation officer; and making the business case for innovation to key decision makers. 2014 theme: "The Digital Big Bang."

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Globe Group will begin agenda development for its International Conference being held March 2 – 4, 2016 in Vancouver. The biennial conference is self-described as being "the world's most influential and prestigious international environment industry event," with a mission to "discuss current trends and showcase innovative technology solutions for the world's environment problems." Representative topics include: New developments in the smart grid sector; green infrastructure integration in cities; driving the corporate sustainability agenda; role of property valuation in driving sustainability; and improving employee performance through a corporate culture of sustainability leadership.

Nantucket Project will begin developing the agenda for its event scheduled for September 24 – 27, 2015 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Event is self-described as a "gathering of visionaries, business leaders, and innovators with an intent to create a powerful distillation of ideas that will influence the national dialogue on important issues." Representative topics include: Experiencing gratitude; this ain't capitalism; and the art of surviving prison.

• Social Venture Network will begin solidifying the agenda for its Spring Conference taking place April 16 – 19, 2015 in San Diego. Event convenes members and guests to "discuss ways in which members can collaborate to produce sustainable economic opportunities – locally, nationally, and globally." Representative topics include: Creative ways to use social media to do good; crafting messages that expand markets and customer base; and dispelling myths about impact investing and strategic philanthropy.


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