Big events taking place and taking shape

A tip o’ the fine felt fedora to the good folks producing and attending the forums upcoming over the next few weeks. Hope every one is a huge success … and then they can all hit the beach!!

Foremost forums upcoming

Ecocity World Summit (August 22 – 26; Montreal). The forum is self-described as a venue to “meet academics, policymakers, professionals and ecocity enthusiasts from around the world.” The goal is creating “a shared agenda for building ecocities – conference participants will have the opportunity to expand their networks, learn from innovative research and experiences elsewhere in the world, contribute to the evolution of ecocity thought and the ecocity movement, and to leave the conference with new knowledge, tools, and approaches that they can adapt to the contexts of their own cities and countries.” The theme for 2011: “People. Ecology. Urbanity. Moving Towards Ecocities.” Read more.

National Association of Women Business Owners Women’s Business Conference (August 31 – September 1; San Diego). Event aims to address the needs of women entrepreneurs “looking to grow their businesses, advance their leadership skills, and create lasting change in the business culture.” Program addresses issues such as smart investments, public policy, business solutions, marketing strategies, and organizational development. 2011 conference theme: “Your Time Is Now!” Read more.

One Young World Summit (September 1 – 4; Zurich). Summit aims to serve as “the voice of people age 25 and under from around the world on critical international issues such as environmentalism, health, and education.” The event, which has been referred to as the “Young Davos,” features plenary sessions in which invited delegates – all under the age of 25 and from around the world – discuss and debate a major global issue, then draft “resolutions” on that issue for voting and subsequent adoption. Read more.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Dow Jones Conferences will begin agenda development for its Global Compliance Symposium scheduled for March 27 – 28 in Washington, DC. Event focuses on improving the risk and compliance issues within organizations. Aiming to “offer attendees an in-depth and multi-faceted learning experience that encourages the sharing of best practices for navigating an increasingly complex and daunting global corporate landscape,” program examines such issues as preparing employees against corruption; managing the risks associated with third parties; combining high performance with high integrity; and working with complicated regulations. 2011 symposium will address the theme of “Winning Strategies for Navigating Rapid Change.” Read more.

Media Analytics will begin developing the agenda this month for its Global Water Summit, taking place April 30 – May 1 in Rome. Summit has a self-described aim to bring about “a dynamic improvement to the standard of water and wastewater services across the world.” Topics addressed include best practices of the world’s best-performing utilities; scalable for-profit models to deliver water services to underdeveloped regions; how climate change impacts water cycles; future trends in desalinization; and what the next generation of water resources looks like. Read more.

Tallberg Foundation will begin agenda development for its Tallberg Forum, being held June 14 – 17 in Sweden, with the specific location still to be determined. Forum is self-described as “an innovative global forum characterized by an atmosphere of openness, honesty, warmth, and creativity…[and] is viewed as a natural extension of a highly respected Swedish tradition of internationalism, progress, intellectual curiosity, mediation, and sustainability.” Discussions generally focus on “the challenges and opportunities that stem from global interdependence.” Read more.

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