What to remember in December

The holiday season is a busy time for shopping and parties, not so much for conference-going. Following are among the best of the best coming up this month.

Foremost forums upcoming

MIT Innovations in Management Conference (December 6 – 7; Cambridge, MA). Event aims to provide business executive attendees with a “blending technological savvy, results-oriented management solutions and global business know-how [so that they may] remain productive and competitive in a rapidly evolving global arena.” Program addresses such topics as driving digital transformation; the cloud based consumer; and maintaining entrepreneurial flexibility. Read more.

Innovation and Knowledge (INK) Conference (December 8 – 11; Jaipur, India). Conference aims to bring together “individuals with eclectic backgrounds under one roof. [INK] hopes to script new success stories and lay the foundation for a non-stop learning experience.” Program addresses such topics as environmental activism; 3D technology; and rural innovation. Read more.

CEO2CEO Leadership Summit (December 13; New York). Summit examines the challenges of globalization and is considered a top executive networking event for chairs and CEOs of US companies, primarily those with $500 million or more in annual revenues. Program examines topics such as global competitiveness; business-to-business models; technological agility; and alliances and partnerships.

Yale CEO Leadership Summit/Winter (December 14 – 15; New York). Event has a mission described as bringing “together top executive leaders to encourage leading scholars to share their perspectives, and promote further research in the field of leadership.” Program addresses such topics as planning for CEO succession; building top management teams; improving board governance; and examining the character of leadership. The theme for 2011: “Rethinking Global Markets: Leading Businesses Across Divergent National Economies.” Read more.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

American Solar Energy Society has issued a call for papers for its National Solar Conference being held May 13 – 19, 2012 in Denver with a proposal submission deadline or December 15, 2011. Event, which is held as part of the World Renewable Energy Forum, is self described as “the longest-running educational event for solar energy professionals in the US.” Topic areas covered include impact on the solar energy industry by technology, buildings, policy, professional education, workforce development, and consumer education. Read more.

INSEAD will begin agenda development for its Leadership Summit Middle East, taking place January 22 in Abu Dhabi. Event is described as “a platform for high level leaders from business, academia, politics and the media to get together in a dynamic setting with an opportunity for thought-provoking discussions and networking.” Program addresses such topics as corporate citizenship; the formation of human capital; the evolution of capitalism; the region’s long term aspirations in the face of rapid social and organizational change; and leadership dynamics within the interface between psychology and management.

Conference Board will begin developing the agenda for its Change Management Conference, scheduled for June 21 – 22, 2012 in New York. Conference examines best practices for executives in managing organizational change, with emphasis on leadership, effectiveness, communication, and engagement at all levels of an organization. Program covers such topics as accelerating change efforts; demographic and economic trends; various perspectives on change and change management; and employee engagement. Read more.

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