Speechwriting School On Demand

Acquire the single most valuable (and lucrative) communication skill-set. Learning how to draft speeches, presentations and video scripts that help your leaders drive people to action.

You’ve heard of Speechwriting School over the years: This is how hundreds of communicators became speechwriters and hundreds of speechwriters refined their craft.

We’ve distilled Speechwriting School into six video training units that you can experience in one epic day—or one by one, at your convenience.

Like everyone else who ever attended Speechwriting School, you’ll learn:

  • The Golden Triad of Speechwriting: How to conceive a speech from the start
  • Structure: If you build it, they will act
  • Making the Case: How to support your argument, credibly and compellingly
  • Editing: Tricks every speechwriter should know, to make your speeches sing
  • Storytelling for Speechwriters: How to make your speeches stick

And in a bonus “Office Hours” session, you’ll learn essential real-world tips for working speechwriters.

You’ll learn it all from a faculty comprised of the best speechwriters, and speechwriting teachers, in the business. You’ll learn it through thoughtful, entertaining lectures that ask you to learn by doing. And you’ll learn it through practical handouts that you’ll refer to again and again.

Obviously, you’d rather attend Speechwriting School in person, or live online. And the Speechwriting School faculty would rather meet you in person.

But we’re pleased to offer this immediately practical alternative so you can add this valuable skill set—in an engaging way—beginning today.


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Format: This training product includes six videos with approximately 9 hours of content.

Video DetailsLength
Session 001, Rosemary King1:24 minutes
Session 002, Eric Schnure1:31 minutes
Session 003, Felicity Barber1:25 minutes
Session 004, Fletcher Dean1:32 minutes
Session 005, Mike Long1:28 minutes
Session 006, Office Hours1:25 minutes