Independent Speechwriters Summit

Learn how to run your independent speechwriting business as confidently and competently as you write.


Mike Long

Dan Gerstein

David Murray

Editor & Publisher, Vital Speeches of the Day

That’s because the many skills involved in being a fine speechwriter are mere table stakes for running a successful speechwriting business.

Those are the skills you’ll build by taking in this recording of the PSA Independent Speechwriters Summit.

Mentorship will come from the experience of Summit host Mike Long, Gotham Ghostwriters’ president Dan Gerstein, PSA executive director David Murray and a half dozen of the most successful independent speechwriters in the business—and several clients who know what they want in a speechwriter.

Summit participants will get:

  • Primers in marketing, pricing, and general business practice. How to break into the business and how to stay there—through attention-getting marketing, intelligent pricing, and efficient administration and accounting.
  • Proposals: If you can write ‘em, you can get ‘em. Here’s how to write ‘em—and how to see them through to fruition.
  • Client relationships: How to make them, how to maintain them. You don’t want to be replacing your clients every year—and they don’t want to be replacing you. Get advice from in-house speechwriters who hire out.
  • Partnering, publicity, content marketing, and other advanced business-building strategies for the savvy independent speechwriter.


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Format: This summit includes five videos with more than 3 hours of content.

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Session 10:31
Session 20:30
Session 30:44
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