Professional Speechwriters Association: Nonprofit/university

Membership benefits:

  • Authorized use of the official PSA membership logo, for placement on websites, résumés and LinkedIn profiles. This tells potential clients and employers that they’re dealing with a committed leadership communication professional.
  • Free 1-year email subscription to Vital Speeches of the Day.
  • Easy and exclusive access to other PSA members, through an exclusive LinkedIn group.
  • A 25% discount to the entry fee for the annual Cicero Speechwriting Awards.
  • A 25% discount to Leadership Communication Days, the intimate annual roundtable for executive communication professionals.
  • A 25% discount to 10 Steps to Writing a Great Speech, the definitive guide to professional speechwriting.
  • And a 25% discount to all other products and services Vital Speeches offers, including speech critiques and in-house speechwriting seminars.

$395.00 / year

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