Obama: His opponents were from Mars, he was from Venus

While compiling the next issue of Vital Speeches International* I came across an insight that appears to me to be totally original. Maxine McKew, a member of the Australian House of Representatives, said in a speech …..

I know that many feminists are disappointed that a woman is still to be elected as Commander in Chief in the United States…. and that 2008 represents for them something of a missed opportunity.

I have a slightly different view. I think the girl won and her name is Obama! If we look at this in Jungian terms, Barack Obama has an exceptionally well developed anima …. that is, his feminine side sits easily alongside his male persona.

Obama prevailed I think because he had a conversation with America. He talked in a different way—and my God, can’t he talk! His campaign was expansive, empathetic, full of promise. Above all, he got the tone just right. People felt that he was on their side, and it wasn’t all about him.

Obama to me is a symbol of how gender roles, both male and female are shifting, and how showing traits that are considered ‘female’ are no longer a negative for a male politician.

Readers: Does McKew have a point?

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