Fear and loathing in executive communications

Leaders want to command high-profile forums. But popular forums demand provocative messages. Which leaders are terrified to deliver.

A problem for corporate leaders who want to find popular public forums to spread their message is that such forums don’t welcome speeches by corporate executives. So says Nancy Duarte, whose agency produces hundreds of speeches and presentations for dozens of clients every year.

Safe harbor laws are the main culprit, she tells us.

“When you look at a venue like TED, most of the presentations delivered by corporate executives don’t get that many views. Even if the companies are doing innovative things, the CEOs are cautious in the claims they make because everything that comes out of their mouths impacts the stock value.”

For that reason, many of her clients won’t allow her to send the speeches they do bring themselves to deliver to Vital Speeches for further reach.

Reader, is that your experience too? And if so, have you found a way around the safe harbor law—or executives’ over-conservative interpretation of same?

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