An open love letter from a client to his speechwriter

Grinnell College president says he's "personally indebted" to his speechriter, who's departing for greener pastures.

What’s the nicest note you ever got from a client? Our speechwriting sibling Jim Reische is leaving his job as comms VP for Grinnell College in Iowa, in order to take over communications for St. John’s College, in Annapolis, Md., and Santa Fe., N.M. Grinnell president Raynard S. Kington sent out an all-campus email thanking Reisch for his five-year tenure:

“I am particularly grateful to Jim for focusing and moving forward the conversation about Grinnell's distinctive place in higher education,” Kington wrote. “I am especially personally indebted to him for his partnership with me in discussing, writing, and placing pieces in the national media. He played a strong role in the senior staff as a leader and colleague, and I have greatly enjoyed working with him. Presidents Nelson and Roosevelt of St. John's College do not yet know the breadth of Jim's capabilities, nor the depth of his commitment to students and learning, nor the character of his finely-tuned sense of humor.”

Wowzers. Jim, you sure you wanna leave that guy? —DM

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