How to Create Op-Eds That Get Published (and Read)

Former Fortune opinion editor offers a step-by-step guide to writing effective op-eds.


Jake Meth

Op-eds are crucial to an effective thought leadership campaign—but they’re notoriously hard to get right—and even harder to get published. Jake Meth, former opinion editor at Fortune magazine and founder of the op-ed writing firm Opinioned, will show you how to work with your organization’s leaders to create op-eds that stand out from the pack.

You will learn:

  • How to begin. No, whether to begin! Are you wasting your time? Does anyone care? Who is it for? Is there a better way to accomplish this?
  • Ideas, and expectations: How to get ideas out of the author’s head and onto the printed page without bruising egos or weakening the message. How to manage the expectations of everyone involved, so the process feels like a series of opportunities rather than a win-or-lose proposition.
  • Organization and writing: What an outline looks like for a coherent op-ed. The three archetypes for op-ed leads. How to not ramble. How to find examples that make an op-ed pop.
  • Selling the product: How to write the perfect op-ed pitch. Mistakes most op-ed pitchers make. How to deal with cranky, disorganized editors (and solve their problems!).

You may go into this session daunted by op-eds; you’ll come out energized.


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