Helping leaders communicate authentically and compellingly on social media: This has become a core competency for exec comms folks.

Build your confidence in this area—and your enthusiasm for it—in four intensive and entertaining sessions, with social media leadership communications expert Casey Hall.

You will learn:

  • How to build an executive social media strategy that’s both sustainable and effective.
  • How to use social media to bring out the dynamism of your leader.
  • How to adapt your writing and manage your messaging for social media.
  • How to make maximum impact—and prove it, by measuring the results.

It’s a lot to learn. And Casey Hall has a lot to teach, about helping leaders be good—and avoid being bad—on social media.

He’ll help you build confidence, creativity and enthusiasm you need to support your leader.


Day 1—The How and Why of Activating Executives on Social Media

Tuesday, February 1, Noon-2:00 Eastern 

You and your principal need to make sure you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Exec Comms Social Media 101—an overview of the evolving mechanics, customs, and cultures of leadership communication on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Making the case: Why your leader should be active on social media (or why not)
  • Critical case studies: an analytical, instructive look at the executives who are rocking social media in different styles, for different purposes
  • How to get as much from social exec comms as you give: business Intelligence, social listening and monitoring for actionable insights

Day 2—Making the Most of your Messages on Social Media

Wednesday, February 2, Noon-2:00 Eastern

How to adapt the style and substance of your message to meet the medium.

  • Planning your content strategy: Developing messages that resonate on social media—regularly, and sustainably
  • Risk vs. Reward: When you should earn eyeballs by addressing social issues, when you should avoid attention, by not
  • Getting creative, making it fun: How to use images, videos, and other assets on social media to reveal your leader beyond the lectern, beyond the stage
  • Social media is a two-way street: How to help your leader be a genuine social media participant, rather than a mere social media broadcaster

Day 3—Logistics: Tools, Techniques, Tactics and Best Practices to Actually Make This Work

Thursday, February 3, Noon-2:00 Eastern

Put on your hard hat, roll up your sleeves.

  • Measurement, Analytics and SEO: the technical aspects of getting your message out there (and knowing how well you did)
  • Smart collaboration: How to work with your colleagues in communications and marketing to get the best work done (in the most sustainable way)
  • To coach or to manage? When to provide your leader a social media navigation chart, and when to steer the ship
  • Guiding Principles: Always remembering why we’re doing this, and how it complements other exec comms activities

Day 4—Office Hours and Workshop, with Casey Hall and Executive Communication Council chief David Murray

Friday, February 4, Noon-2:00 Eastern

After three days of learning best practices and principles, it’s time to bring your real-life problems to the table. In this freewheeling meeting, you’ll brainstorm, trouble-shoot, spitball and problem-solve, with two of the foremost experts in leadership communications—and also with your peers. All working together to help you help your executive become a more compelling social executive.


Meet Casey Hall

Meet Casey Hall

Casey Hall is the founder and principal consultant at Lumberjack Social LLC where he helps companies and executives better engage with customers and prospects online. This includes enterprise social media strategy, executive social media activation, and employee advocacy. Prior to founding Lumberjack Social, Casey spent ten years as an in-house, corporate social media leader at Thomson Reuters. During that time he spanned the entire gamut of digital and social media responsibilities from training and channel management, to creating employee advocacy and social selling programs, and global strategy. He has been published in professional and scholarly journals including the Journal of Brand Strategy and the UST Journal of Law & Public Policy, as well as making regular appearances in blogs, podcasts, webinars and conferences. Casey began his professional life as an attorney, even then helping clients to more effectively tell their stories.


The Social Executive 2022 is conducted via webinar platform.

Before each session, we’ll email simple directions to join the webinar. And after each session, we’ll email a link to the webinar recording.

Please email Benjamine Knight, PSA operations director, with any questions.


Cancellations Policy

No refunds on cancellations less than 30 days before the start of event. Within 30 days, your payment will be credited toward a future Vital Speeches or Professional Speechwriters Association event. 

$995 to attend The Social Executive 2022: A Virtual Seminar in Four Sessions, February 1-4, 2022.

$746.25 for members of the Professional Speechwriters Association (discount will show in checkout when logged in).

Phone registrations please call 312-585-6383