The Executive Communication Council and the Professional Speechwriters Association present

Executive Communication: Coronavirus Recovery Summit

A Virtual Event | Jun 12

What you need to know now to help your CEO communicate credibly, strategically and sustainably through the crisis.

At what Winston Churchill called “the end of the beginning” of coronavirus—and the beginning of another major cultural moment in the United States—executive communication professionals prepare ourselves and our leaders for a long and high-stakes struggle of our own.

What do we most need to know, what should we be thinking about and what must we do—today, next week, next season and next year?

At Executive Communication: Coronavirus Recovery Summit, a remarkable collection of experts and elite executive communication professionals answer those questions—and your questions—in one brisk afternoon, moderated by David Murray, executive director of the Professional Speechwriters Association and the Executive Communication Council.

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1:00-1:15 • “Where do we stand?”

A brief keynote introduction by David Murray, executive director of the Professional Speechwriters Association and the Executive Communication Council.

1:15-2:00 • The Virtual CEO: How to Make Your Leader as Compelling Onscreen as in Person

Is it the lighting? Is it the sound? Is it the camera angle? Is it the leader’s preparation? Is it their voice? Their body movement? Their audience connection? Yes! says Nicole Lowenbraun, executive speaker coach at the presentation firm Duarte. She will teach you many practical adjustments you can make and super-specific coaching advice you can offer that will make your leader profoundly better on the only leadership medium available to us for the foreseeable future.

2:00-2:45 • Exec Comms During Coronavirus: The Current Gold Standard, and How to Get There

Every single weekday, Verizon’s leadership team conducts a virtual town hall with all 135,000 employees—and also addresses the interests and needs of customers, shareholders and society. In conversation with David Murray—and with you—Verizon’s exec comms chief Lauren Tilstra details Verizon’s leadership philosophy—and how she and her team make it possible to communicate so frequently, so candidly, so strategically and so sustainably throughout this crisis.

2:45-3:30 • The Leadership Forum Landscape: What Does It Look Like Now, and How Should You Proceed?

Conferences that haven’t been canceled have been transformed into virtual affairs. Which kinds of conferences are still worth doing, and which aren’t? What’s the new value proposition when it comes to considering a conference invitation? How can you make your leader attractive to organizers of the top virtual conferences? Here to help you rethink your speaker strategies are three of the leading professionals in this business: Eric Zetlin and Lori Zetlin of S3 Strategic Speaker Strategies and Amy Scarlino of Scarlino Speaker Strategies.

3:30-3:45 • Break

3:45-5:00 • Closing Keynote Panel: Leadership Communication for the Duration—Sustainable Communication for an Indefinite Crisis.

How can you manage a crisis that never ends? After months of working in a hazy blur, let crisis communication guru H. Fred Garcia teach you how to take stock, do some planning and plot a more sustainable way ahead for you and the leaders you serve. Thought leadership coach Pete Weissman will show you how—and why—your leader should use this moment to define the future of your industry. And Australian leadership communication expert Lucinda Holdforth will teach you how your speaker can claim the credibility he or she desperately needs, even in the middle of a global crisis of leadership trust.


Networking Happy Hour (Optional)

Let your already unruly hair down with David Murray for a freewheeling, Zoom-style cocktail session, where we’ll share our fears, our hopes and our leadership communication jokes—and make some connections among your fellow travelers along this seemingly endless foggy road we find ourselves on together.


Helio Fred Garcia

Helio Fred Garcia

For nearly 40 years Helio Fred Garcia has helped leaders build trust, inspire loyalty, and lead effectively. He is the author, most recently, of The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis. As founder of the Logos Consulting Group, Garcia has coached more than 400 CEOs of major corporations, plus thousands of other high-profile people in various fields. Fred teaches about management and leadership at New York University and at Columbia University.

Lucinda Holdforth

Lucinda Holdforth

Lucinda Holdforth is a speechwriter, speechwriting coach, and author based in Sydney, Australia. Longtime exec comms chief at Qantas, Holdforth’s leadership communications experience is immense and broad ranging, and her client list includes board directors and senior executives across many fields. She is author of the popular new book on the art of speechwriting, Leading Lines: How to make speeches that seize the moment, advance your cause, and lead the way.

Nicole Lowenbrau

Nicole Lowenbrau

Nicole Lowenbraun is an executive speaker coach and content developer at Duarte, where she helps business professionals improve their corporate communication skills in a variety of settings (on stage, in meetings, virtually, in training rooms). Her coaching includes both style & delivery instruction, as well as content development and is conducted in-person or virtually, one-on-one or in a group setting.

David Murray

David Murray

David Murray is executive director of the Executive Communication Council and the Professional Speechwriters Association. He’s also editor and publisher of Vital Speeches of the Day magazine, and author of the forthcoming book, An Effort to Understand.

Amy Scarlino

Amy Scarlino

As president and CEO, Amy Scarlino is responsible for the strategic direction and management of Scarlino Speaker Strategies, LLC. Prior to forming the agency, Scarlino was President and CEO of The Catchpole Corporation. Scarlino has managed the corporate speaker programs and executive visibility initiatives for companies such as UPS, VMware, PBS, BASF, Trend Micro, Microsoft, and The Weather Channel.

Lauren Tilstra

Lauren Tilstra

Lauren Tilstra is head of executive communications and director of corporate communications at Verizon, where she positions executives as thought leaders, industry influencers, and progressive innovators. Previously, Tilstra served in communication roles at WarnerMedia, Martha Stewart Living and The McGraw Hill Companies.

Pete Weissman

Pete Weissman

Pete Weissman creates thought leadership programs for executives in the spotlight. Pete has worked in the West Wing, the U.S. Senate and for Fortune 100 CEOs. He is the founder of Thought Leader Communications. Based in Atlanta, the firm provides strategy, speechwriting, presentation coaching and training.

Eric Zetlin

Eric Zetlin

Eric Zetlin is managing director and co-founder of S3 – Strategic Speaker Services, where he runs executive visibility programs for some of today’s most successful and respected companies, identifying and securing high profile external speaking opportunities for their senior executives and subject matter experts.

Lori Zetlin

Lori Zetlin

Lori Zetlin is founding partner of S3 – Strategic Speaker Services, where she runs executive visibility programs for some of today’s most successful and respected companies, identifying and securing high profile external speaking opportunities for their senior executives and subject matter experts.



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